As stated in the Constitution and By-laws, the Mu Sigma Phi Foundation (MSPF) is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation, organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. MSPF Tax ID # 26-1427614

There are 2 categories of MSPF Funds that a donor can give to:

1. Permanent Endowment Fund (PEF)
PEF donations are invested in the market, but only 5% of the year-end value is disbursed annually to the designated project while the balance will remain in the fund and is reinvested in the market. The donations can be Restricted (towards a specific project) or Unrestricted, which are pooled into a separate sub-fund and can be tapped for other projects or administrative expenses.

2. General Funds (GF)
Donations can be towards a Restricted/Specific project that can be disbursed in its entirety, i.e. the full amount, or periodically, according to the instructions of the donor and decision of the Finance Committee. Donations can also be designated as Unrestricted, which will be tapped for administrative or operating expenses or for emergency funds as determined by the Executive Committee.

Please click either of the two categories below to donate online (PayPal and credit cards are accepted). If you prefer to donate offline, scroll down below for instructions on how to donate offline.

General Fund Donations PEF Donations

Deed of Donation (DOD) – please note that donations without a submitted DOD will be automatically assigned to the Unrestricted Funds.

• The Deed of Donation (DOD) can be filled out and submitted online (click FILL OUT ONLINE), OR the form can be downloaded (click DOWNLOAD).

• For downloaded DOD forms, please fill out and send the form to Dr. Godofredo Garcia either via mail or email:
Mailing Address: 3008 Jameson Dr. NW, Concord, NC 28027


Donations can also be made through any of the following methods and should be sent with the completed Deed of Donation (DOD) form:

• Check – Please write check out to Mu Sigma Phi Foundation and send to:
Dr. Godofredo Garcia
Address: 3008 Jameson Dr. NW, Concord, NC 28027
• Zelle money to for the General Fund. Put your name, email, and project in the memo.
• Zelle money to for the Permanent Endowment Fund. Put your name, email, and project in the memo.
• Call Dr. Godofredo Garcia Mobile: (740) 803-2966 with your credit card information.
• For any questions, please email Dr. Godofredo Garcia ( or Dr. Mariquita Belen (

Donation receipts will be emailed. Please ensure to include your preferred email address when sending your donation.