To unite and foster the bonds of the alumni members of the Mu Sigma Phi Fraternity and Sorority of the University of the Philippines College of Medicine world-wide through their shared goals of brotherhood and sisterhood, leadership, education and service.


To create a lifelong and worldwide community of alumni brothers/sisters of the University of the Philippines College of Medicine, enhance and create opportunities to increase awareness, participation and philanthropic commitment to the University, PGH, the Filipino people and the world.

President’s Message

President’s MessageJanuary 11, 2020My dear Brods and Sisters,I attended the 85th Gala of the Mu Sigma Phi Sorority on December, 17, 2019 and had the honor and pleasure to lead the Sisterhood in the renewal of Vows. “You’ve come a long way, Baby.” It is obvious to see that we have a new breed of vibrant and committed younger members. The Gala was posh and energetic. I told the crowd it was a simpler affair when we were inducted (Class’69) and our Sorority song was, “ You’ll never walk alone.’ The Four Pillars, Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Sisterhood/Brotherhood prevail. Whether near or far, we hold steadfast to our vows. Thus, the Mu Sigma Phi Foundation was created in 2004. We encourage ALL worldwide alumni to join us so we can be a bigger and more effective force. It is 2020.To recap the past year,
  1. 1) We are trying to formalize all our transactions for good business reasons (IRS accountability), record keeping and transparency. These are the forms which can be found in our website, themufoundation.org.:
    • Request for Funding - All requests for monetary assistance must be accompanied by this form. This is important because it is not uncommon to be asked by a Brod or Sis to help in a certain project. This request needs to be done properly so we can submit it to our Board of Governors.
    • Permanent Endowment Fund DOD or Deed of Donation - All donors must fill out this form.
    • Membership Form - All Mu alumni must fill out this form accompanied by payment of dues to be officially members of the MSPF (Mu Sigma Phi Foundation). Our Directory Chairperson is Dr. Evelyn Taberrah-Lacuesta and she needs to constantly update this list.
  2. 2) We supported the Sorority’s 2019 monthly series of Webinars focusing on Aging.
  3. 3) The IMMUNITY Project of the Sorority continues to be the beneficiary of Sis. Ronette Santos-Chua’s generosity. Thank you, Ronette.
  4. 4) We gave to the Relief for the Mindanao earthquake victims.
  5. 5) The annual gift giving for the Gawad Kalinga residents in the Philippines was supported by our members led by Bernie Cruz.
By the way, I also celebrated the 50th anniversary of our UPCM graduation at the Homecoming led by Sis Jean Toral and Brod Tommy de la Rosa. Kudos. Well-done. Great theme: Puso at Galing. 50 is not fatal, after all.More work to do. Please send your PEF donations to TFL Godo Garcia. My thanks to all the officers and members for a productive 2019.Happy New Year. God bless. AFTG.


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