The Mu Sigma Phi Foundation is helping fundraise for our sis, Dr. Mikki B. Miranda, Batch 2016, in her fight against Recurrent Ovarian Cancer, initially at stage 3. She is undergoing a second-line chemotherapy for six months, after which she will need to be maintained on a very expensive oral medication named Olaparib (Lynparza) that is still under compassionate use in the Philippines. The drug costs 240 thousand pesos (USD 4,800) for which she will have to take for two (2) years. Sis Mikki underwent surgery and six cycles of chemotherapy in 2019. Determined to finally graduate in her Pediatrics residency training in the Philippine General Hospital, she went back to the hospital to help out with the institution's COVID-19 efforts, both as a clinician and as a researcher.

WAYS to Donate

  1. BDO Unibank Michelle Cristine Miranda 007990055063
  2. PayPalLink: 09175652591
  3. GCash Michelle Cristine Miranda 09175652591
  4. PayMayaMichelle Cristine Miranda 09175652591
  5. Metrobank David Miranda 3473347304418
  6. Send check directly to Brod Godo Garcia or Brod Ish Gopichand directly.


To unite and foster the bonds of the alumni members of the Mu Sigma Phi Fraternity and Sorority of the University of the Philippines College of Medicine world-wide through their shared goals of brotherhood and sisterhood, leadership, education and service.


To create a lifelong and worldwide community of alumni brothers/sisters of the University of the Philippines College of Medicine, enhance and create opportunities to increase awareness, participation and philanthropic commitment to the University, PGH, the Filipino people and the world.

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