To unite and foster the bonds of the alumni members of the Mu Sigma Phi Fraternity and Sorority of the University of the Philippines College of Medicine world-wide through their shared goals of brotherhood and sisterhood, leadership, education and service.


To create a lifelong and worldwide community of alumni brothers/sisters of the University of the Philippines College of Medicine, enhance and create opportunities to increase awareness, participation and philanthropic commitment to the University, PGH, the Filipino people and the world.

President’s Message

President’s Message May 28, 2020

Two years ago we accepted the Presidency of the Mu Sigma Phi Foundation. We promised to uphold its vision and mission of engaging worldwide Mu alumni, to preserve its collegiality, encourage scholarship and leadership in our ranks and to continue with our charitable work, especially in these COVID-19 times. We collected $46,176.33 from our members, thanks to the matching donation challenge of Brod Manny Dalope for the COVID fight at home by the Mu Relief of the MU Fraternity and Sorority.

Our foundation was formally created in 2004 through the sheer determination and imMUtable commitment of a group of Mus. I apologize if I don’t mention your name but your good deeds are between you and God. Manny Dalope and Gerry Gomez-Pinder stand out in this mix. Hermie Villar, Gerry Pinder, Chito Badiola, Winnie Baduel, Junjun Rasul, Cecile Bernard and Celso Antiporda before me put their own imprimatur during their terms as President. I merely continued their good work.

As I must report our accomplishments, here is a summary:

  • The Directory was formally completed by engaging the services of Ms. Pearl Ontalan in November of 2018 and is uploaded in our website. Guia Razon-Palma and Evelyn Lacuesta-Taberrah, with the help of volunteers, are working to update it. The Membership Application Form is attached to this newsletter. I am grateful to Bing for accepting the Chairmanship of the Membership ommittee. It is a formidable taks recruiting new members and getting the old members to update their Directory info and participate more vigorously in the Foundation’s meetings and activities.
  • Our website, themufoundation.org was given a new look and we enlisted DoctorMultimedia to serve as administrators. Sadly, the site does not get as many visits as we would like despite many entreaties and reminders. We need to work on this.
  • The Permanent Endowment Fund got a big kick-off in 2018 with the NAPA tour arranged by Brod Celso Antiporda. Our goal is $500,000 in 5years. We are halfway there.
  • I am a stickler for detail (and God is in the details) and I encouraged formalization of documents and documentation, viz. Request for Funding, Deed of Donation for the PEF, Membership Application Form and our Letterhead. All required and met the approval of your Board of Governors.

We hope we did some good. Ish and his team are ready. Let us give them our staunch support. It was my pleasure and honor to serve. Thank you to all the kindred spirits without whom we could not fulfill our pledge.

Arachelle Baduel-Jose, ‘69


General Meeting for the Mu Sigma Phi Foundation

Venue: GoToMeeting

Date: June 27,2020, Saturday, 8:00 pm ET

Link will be announced in the Yahoo Group


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